Walmart Beauty Box Review – Spring 2017

Hey there! It’s that time again – UNBOXING TIME! I took a break from several beauty boxes for a bit, so it’s been awhile. This is my review of Walmart’s Spring Beauty Box, but I’ve got Ipsy coming this month and Lip Monthly will be back in May. Stay tuned!

There is some really GREAT stuff in this box this month. If you haven’t got time to watch the video, check the full list below. ¬†Otherwise, the video has my full review AND my just showered, post-massage mush brain, so¬†be patient with me.

(Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a commission when you purchase products through the links on this blog. I only recommend products I LOVE, have purchased, or would purchase. Thank you for supporting Autumn on Fox Street!)

Also…how about me having a decent HD video for once? Thank you new iPhone tripod and remote. If you don’t have one yet and you do/plan to do videos, they are a GODSEND. Pick one up here.

Products in this beauty box include:

Palmers Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer and Facial Oil

This set of coconut oil moisturizer products is one of my favorite things in the box! There is a moisturizer and an oil (which comes in one of those tiny cute vials I’m seeing all the time now), both of which are paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, and other icky-thing free.

They also claim to be non-comedogenic, which I’m interested in since one of the issues I had with using regular coconut oil is that it clogged my pores. Definitely going to give these two a try!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

This tiny foil sample in soft beige is probably enough for one use to test it out. I don’t change foundations often, and I’m really attached to my Covergirl Clean foundation, but I’m willing to try it since it was a free sample.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

No strong feelings about shampoo and conditioner one way or the other. I’m not picky because I don’t wash my hair every day anyway. These are supposed to be ultra moisturizing with keratin, so I’ll test them out. If nothing else, it’s going to save me a trip to the store when I run out of shampoo and conditioner soon!

Frizz Ease Moisturizing Conditioner

More conditioner! I haven’t used Frizz Ease in about 15 years, since my mom used it to tame my wildly frizzy hair as a pre-teen. Same as above…not SOOOO excited, but not disappointed either.

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

OK, this I AM excited about because I received trials of a similar product from Curel in my last beauty box and from Influenster. I LOVE it, and I’ll be writing a more detailed review of that soon, but in the meantime, this Jergens wet skin moisturizer is at the top of my list of things to test out!

Are these a fad now…wet skin moisturizers? I seem to be seeing a lot more of them.

Biore Free Your Pores Baking Soda Acne Scrub

I saved the best for last! If you’re like me and have GIANT pores that are constantly getting clogged with grossness, you know that good pore cleansing, exfoliating, and reducing products are a MUST. This one looks interesting and I like that it’s made with baking soda. It’s also got salicylic acid in it, which tends to be a bit drying for my skin, so this is probably something I’ll use a few times a week rather than daily.

Get your Walmart Beauty Box here. For $5, they’ll send you a new box for each season of the year.


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