A friend of mine once joked, “You need a bank account just for subscription boxes!” OK, well, she was half-joking. I love subscription boxes and trying out new subscriptions throughout the year. Some of them I hold onto (Ipsy, I’m looking at you) and some of them I try for a month or two and cancel, but I love the thrill of getting surprises in the mail each month.

Below are 10 subscription boxes I want to try in 2018, as well as which ones I ditched and kept from 2017. I also included a few non-box subscriptions I have and love at the bottom of the post, which are mostly TV- and book-related.

(Disclaimer: Some of these are affiliate or referral links, meaning that I receive a commission, redeemable points, or free products when you subscribe through a link on Autumn on Fox Street. You are never charged more and all opinions are my own. Thanks for your support!)

#1. Book of the Month

Book of the Month is one of those subscriptions I said I’d never sign up for because I don’t make enough time to read. Then it started tempting me with its “First Month Free” ads on Facebook all the time (damn you, Facebook Pixels for knowing what I love!). One month they offered The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman, which I’d had my eye on since the second she announced its release. I’d already put in a request for it at the library, but it pretty much sold me on the quality of this subscription box.

Since one of my goals is to read more in 2018, I am definitely interested in trying out this subscription. I love that you get to choose one of 5 books every month and can skip months if none of the choices appeal to you.

#2. MorpheMe Brush Club

Oh MorpheMe…I didn’t even know this subscription existed until my Spanish teacher told me about it and showed me her collection of 80+ makeup brushes. Since I’ve recently started collecting brushes, of course I want to try this out! I’m torn on the actual value of the subscription (it’s $19.99 a month) because I’ve never used their brushes and you get between 3-8 brushes per month. The thought of 8 brushes for $20 is great, but those 3-brush months better be mind blowing for that kind of money.

Still, a month or two couldn’t hurt, right?

#3. Owl Crate

Also fueling my goal of reading more next year is Owl Crate. I am shamelessly in love with young adult lit and wrote a young adult fantasy novel for NaNoWriMo in 2016 and 14,000 words of a YA scifi in 2017. Plus, the bookish accessories that come with Owl Crate each month are so cute!

#4. Geek Fuel

My husband and I actually had Geek Fuel for almost a year and cancelled it when some other financial obligations came up. We’ve tried Nerd Block as well, but Geek Fuel had way better stuff. I’d love to subscribe to this box again! The best part is that the fandoms vary from month to month and my husband and I can divide up the items based on who likes which fandoms best. I’m partial to anything Harry Potter, Jim Henson, or Lord of the Rings. The one thing we fight about? Who gets those Doctor Who goods!

#5. Squawk Box

If there’s one thing I love, it’s spoiling my lovebirds and rats. Squawk Box sends you bird toys and treats every month based on the size parrot you have. The best part? Many bird toys and treats are rat-appropriate too. The hardest part is deciding who gets which items. If you’re a rat fan, try Boggle Box too. I got it one month and was really impressed, but it wasn’t worth almost $45, which is what it came out to after I had it shipped from the UK. However, if you live in the UK or are willing to shell out big $$ for your ratties, Boggle Box is ADORABLE and my rats loved it.

#6. Boxycharm

Boxycharm is one of the more popular beauty boxes that I haven’t tried. After watching a few unboxings on YouTube, I’m impressed with the high-end makeup selections and the full-size products. I’d definitely give it a month or two.

#7. Pusheen Box

Pusheen! Yeah, I’m pretty much incapable of saying “Pusheen” without an exclamation point after it because this cat is so darn cute. My problem with any kind of kawaii box is that everything in it tends to be pretty cute, but also very useless in my day-to-day life. However, sometimes I need to indulge in a little squee-worthy adorableness, so I’d order a month of Pusheen Box, just to try it out.

#8. J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

Harry Potter goodies in the mail? Take all my money. Maybe they’re amazing, maybe they’re overrated, but I’m willing to pay to find out. Oh, and they let you choose your Hogwarts house to receive house-specific gear! HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER!!!

#9. Doki Doki Crate

Again, kawaii boxes tend to be pointless but adorable. This one comes from the makers of Japan Crate and is one of the pricier ones, but I see photos and videos of a lot more functional items in their boxes (housewares, etc.) and a lot of brands and characters I love.

#10. Nerd Block Jr. for Girls

This is the one my husband makes fun of me for, but I love kids stuff, toys, collectibles…I was sold when they started doing My Little Pony and Hello Kitty stuff in the kids’ version of Nerd Block. And anything I don’t love, I can pass off to my nieces.


Ditched in 2017:

Kawaii Box

This particular kawaii box, which comes through Blippo Kawaii Shop, is affordable, but hit or miss. Some months I received amazing stuff, like plushies from Disney Store Japan, cute stickers and stationery items, and smiling tofu squishies. Other months I got cheap junk. Check out their website and decide for yourself if it’s worth it…it is a lot cheaper than Doki Doki or Pusheen Box.


I liked Birchbox, but it didn’t thrill me. It was way too oriented toward hair and skin care items, which I’m less likely to try and buy than makeup and it contained a lot of obscure or crazy expensive brands I’d never buy. I did find two or three products I’m still using and love, but Birchbox wasn’t for me.

Lip Monthly

Lip Monthly makes me cry a little inside when I think about it. I love lip products more than any other cosmetic product and this box started off great, then completely went downhill. By the time I cancelled, they were sending me leftovers from past months in alternate colors. I wasn’t even getting to try new stuff! They also sent a lot of weird colors and products I’d never use. Gold glitter lipstick? Really? I’m not 12.




Ipsy is probably my one true subscription love. As long as I review my box each month on their website, they keep sending me more products I enjoy. They are really on top of taking people’s beauty preferences into account. Occasionally, I get something weird I’d never use, but I love almost everything they send me. They also include a nice mix of well-known and high-end brands (like Tarte and Urban Decay) and new brands for me to explore.

Once Upon a Tee

I live in graphic tees. I own about 30 of them and I still don’t think I have enough. Going to the grocery store? Throw on a t-shirt. Time for PJs? Throw on a t-shirt. I wear nerdy graphic tees way more than I wear cute girly clothes. It’s probably because I’ve been with my husband for so long. I’m starting to catch up with his vast t-shirt collection.

Once Upon a Tee sends me a random t-shirt every month and fandoms have ranged from Labyrinth to Doctor Who to Rick & Morty. Occasionally I get something from an obscure video game I’ve never heard of or a show I don’t watch, but for the most part, these guys send great stuff. Keeping this for sure in the New Year!

Walmart Beauty Box

This box only comes four times a year and products range from the totally weird (no, I’m not going to put makeup on my legs…I can barely be bothered to put in on my face sometimes) to the outrageously useful (essential oil mineral bath, anyone?). There’s less makeup in this box, but they send things like body wash, toothpaste, and moisturizer in travel sizes. It’s not sexy, but it’s incredibly practical when I’m running low on standard toiletries. Occasionally I get something that wows me like a lip crayon or foundation sample. For $5 every few months and free shipping, this box is worth every penny.

They did just add an option to customize your beauty profile and I recently filled mine out, so we’ll see if that makes a difference in the next box!


Non-Box Subscriptions I Love:

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is the Netflix of books. For $10 a month, you get access to a crapton of books, from bestsellers to self-published gems. They claim there’s over 1 million titles through Kindle Unlimited in tons of genres. You can also read magazines and listen to audio books. Oh, and the entire Harry Potter and Hunger Games series are FREE to read with your subscription. For me, that’s pretty much worth it. I’ve never had trouble finding good books with Kindle Unlimited.


We’ve tried a few streaming services, but Netflix is still the favorite at our house, even though they broke our hearts by cancelling their contract with BBC and we lost all our favorite British shows. I tend to rewatch old favorites more than I search for new shows on TV, so Netflix is a better fit for me than Hulu. I’m also a big fan of Netflix originals like Seven Deadly Sins, Orange is the New Black, and Hemlock Grove.


This one is more for my husband than for me (I have a love/hate relationship with anime), but we do get a ton of use out of it at our house because of his love of Japanese shows. If you’re an anime fan, this is like $7 a month – totally worth it!

Curiosity Stream

I’ll be honest, this is one I signed up for when they were doing a special and forgot about! They’ve been taking $3 a month out of my bank account and I’ve barely used their service. However, this is one I need to get into in 2018 because I love documentaries and that’s what Curiosity Stream offers: commercial-free documentaries…over a thousand of them. If you’re into history, nature, social justice – any of the usual documentary stuff – check this one out!

Which subscription boxes are your favorites? Which ones did you cancel this year?

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