I started Project Panning early in 2018 and it’s been so much fun! Using up makeup is actually as fun as buying new makeup, and it moves that makeup you’ve been hoarding out of your collection so that it’s not collecting dust. Today I want to share how you can start panning too! I wanted to write a Project Pan how-to for those of you who don’t know much about Project Pan or aren’t sure how to get started using up more of your makeup.

What are panning and Project Pan exactly?

Panning is when you “hit pan” on a makeup or skin care product or use up the entire thing. Hitting pan means you can see the bottom of the container (in the case of powder products). You can also “pan” an entire product, such as using up all of an eyeshadow or a bottle of foundation. You can apply this term to any kind of makeup or skin care product!

Project Pan is setting goals for hitting pan or using up a certain number of products. There are so many kinds of Project Pans! One of the most popular right now is 18 in 2018, in which you set a goal of using up 18 predetermined products this year. Projects with a set number of products are very common.

Some other common Project Pan projects you’ll see include:

  • Themed Challenges > Choosing products that relate to or remind you of a certain theme, such as colors of the rainbow, Harry Potter houses, or your favorite songs. For example, I’m doing a 7 Deadly Pans project in which I chose products that relate somehow to each of the 7 Deadly Sins.
  • Dollar Goals > Setting goals to use up a certain dollar value of products in a set amount of time, for example, $500 worth of makeup products in the course of a year.
  • Project Pan Roulette > Making a list of categories (such as “a product I love” or “something green”) and numbering them, then choosing categories at random using Random.org and assigning products to those categories.

You can check out some cool Project Pan ideas in the PANtastic Ladies Collabs Facebook group.

Top Tips – Get Started Panning!

  1. Start Small >> My first Project Pan when I started panning this year was 10 by July, in which I set the goal of using up 10 products by July of 2018. I’ve made the most progress on that project because I set a small, realistic goal to start.
  2. Choose a Variety of Products >> Choose a few things you love, a few new products you want to try out, things that have been neglected in your makeup drawer for awhile, or something you hate and want out of your collection ASAP. Also include one or two products that will be easy to use up – this will help keep you from getting discouraged by products that take longer to pan, like blushes.
  3. Find a Community >> Find a community of supportive panners to keep you on track with your project, give you ideas for using up more makeup, and pep talk you when you get frustrated with something that just won’t pan! You can find fellow panners on Facebook or YouTube.
  4. Find some accountability >>Whether it’s connecting with other panners, creating YouTube videos, or writing blog posts, post updates frequently in a space where other people can help you stay accountable for the panning goals you laid out at the beginning of your project.
  5. Have fun! >> Project Pan is supposed to be fun, not a chore. The whole point is to enjoy your collection, rotate through your makeup, and make connections with other beauty enthusiasts! If you don’t finish a project by its deadline, ditch a project because it’s not fun anymore, or switch out a product that isn’t working in a project, THAT’S OK! The only rules for Project Pan are the ones you create for yourself.

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