November Bujo Set Up



I am recently on the bullet journal bandwagon. It’s not my sole planner – I am madly in love with Passion Planner, and I use it for my everyday schedules, goal setting, and habit tracking throughout the year. I use my bullet journal to do short-term goal tracking, lists, doodling, and daily to do’s.

November will be my 2nd month using a bullet journal, and I’m feeling a little more clear on what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m still not sure about monthly, weekly, and daily layouts, so I’m experimenting with a few different types in November.


Here’s my set-up:

bullet journal index

My index and future log. I’m not sure how you’re actually supposed to use the future log. I just use it as a central brain dump for all kinds of stuff I want to do, but don’t have time to do right now.



My key. I’m a color coding addict, if you hadn’t noticed. You don’t have to count…there’s 25 colors in my system. It works though!


bullet journal monthly layout

My monthly layout. This includes a list of important dates during the month, my TBR list, things to do next month, a prayer list, and my habit tracker. Habit trackers are my favorite bullet journal page. I love coloring in those little boxes and acknowledging what I accomplished during the day.


bullet journal goals

My monthly layout also includes my monthly goals and to-buy list. As you can see, November is insane, and I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made that list of goals. We’ll see how it goes.


bullet journal weekly layout

Week #1 in November is a layout I’m already loving. The top is my daily to-do list. At the bottom, G + S are where I write my German and Spanish assignments. The boxes are for focus, blog post that day, and our dinner plan. There’s no weekly overview spread this week.


bullet journal weekly layout

Week #2 already intimidates me, but I saw someone do it and thought it might be freeing for my rigid, left-brain, organized mind. The weekly layout is on the left and, on the right, I’m putting all of my tasks for the whole week in one giant brain dump list. I think I’m going to hate it, but I wanted to try it out anyway. (Side note: I made this list before I decided we weren’t using flea meds on my dog anymore. Read this post¬†about how we banished fleas without it.)


bullet journal level 10 life

I learned about Level 10 Life after I had already started creating layouts for November, so I squeezed it in where I had an extra page. It’s a rating of where I feel I am in 10 areas of my life + goals I can pursue to improve each area.


bullet journal weekly layout

Eee! I love the way this layout looks! <3 The #3 weekly layout is so darn cute with those boxes, and I’m excited to use this one.


bullet journal weekly layout

Week #4 in November mimics the last layout, but Sunday is at the top (my Passion Planner week starts on Sunday instead of ending on it, and I realized it was a little confusing). I want to try out tracking my intended schedule vs. how I actually spend my time on my daily pages to see how I’m actually spending my time.


There are lots of other things in my bullet journal.


In the back, I have many lists, trackers, and ideas, which I will share with you – don’t worry! There’s a full flip through of my bullet journal and a video of my current planning system coming soon!


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