Hey guys! Long time, no see. I know I’ve been MIA in a few months and that’s because I’ve been busy…having a baby!

On March 23rd I gave birth to our sweet little boy, from here on out known as Little Frog on this blog. Little Frog came after 24 hours of unmedicated labor and showed up weighing 10lbs! Giving birth was literally the most intense thing I’ve ever done in my entire life and it was an amazing and empowering experience. Talk about feeling like a badass!

Recovery’s been hard. I ended up anemic after he was born and also had to heal from having a GIANT baby. I’m not good at resting, relaxing, and recovery, so it’s been frustrating and fraught with moodiness, tears, and general new mom anxiety. It’s getting better though and we’re starting to find a groove.

Life with a newborn doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. I’m technically on maternity leave, but have been spending my downtime prepping for going back to running my online business in May. As for this blog and my YouTube channel, I’ve just started wearing makeup again after a few weeks of constant exhaustion and healing.

Figuring out mom life and getting back into things I enjoy (like makeup and blogging) means that I’m back and ready to start writing posts, making videos, Project Panning, and getting active on social media. I missed y’all!