In My Mailbox – November 2016

in my mailbox


Hello hello! Today I want to share my first In My Mailbox feature, which I’ll be posting once a month to showcase all the gorgeous snail mail that comes my way during the month. This month I got very few letters. Letter writing tends to slow down this time of year with holidays, travel, etc. BUT…this month I received SO MANY postcards!

in my mailbox postcards postcrossing

These postcards came from all over the place: here in the US, but also Canada, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, and Japan. I got most of these through Postcrossing.

map cards in my mailbox postcrossing

Anyone else LOVE map cards?

in my mailbox

I think postcards with trains are so pretty. These two were great, especially the eerie black and white one from Japan. It almost seems sad, don’t you think?

in my mailbox

These four win cutest of the month!

in my mailbox

I love seeing all the unique stamps from around the world. Does anyone else collect stamps? I realized that it was kind of an “old people” hobby (as my husband calls it) when I went to a local stamp show and was about 30 years younger than everyone else there. I think they’re so gorgeous and culturally interesting though! I run into the same problem with genealogy. Apparently it’s just not popular with millenials?

passion planner

Passion Planner also sent me these great rep stickers to help spread the word about this AWESOME PLANNER. I use it for everything – appointments, goal setting, notes, lists, doodles – and mix it with my newfound love of bullet journaling. Check it out, and if you decide to try it, use the code AMBERM10 at checkout for 10% off!

This month was the jackpot of postcard collecting – I’m so happy! And I just bought boxes to start organizing my collection. What do you think? By topic? By country? I’m indecisive.

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget that you can send me a letter or postcard too. I always write back!


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