How to Plan an Epic Staycation

Hey y’all. I have just returned from a staycation, and it was AWESOME. I can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes, so a 5-day vacay is just the thing I need every few months to keep me from burning out.

I’m also a bit of a compulsive planner, so I tried to plan the heck out of my days off, and you know what, it just didn’t happen. You know what else? I’m totally ok with it. I binge-watched House with my husband on Netflix, cleaned, and practiced French for five days. And napped. A lot.

It was perfect.

So why a staycation instead of a vacation? Preparing for travel stresses me out. We have pets that require special care. My husband just started a new job and won’t have vacation for at least a year.

And, to be honest, I just like staying home and relaxing in my comfy place.

Ready to take a staycation for yourself? Here are my best tips for an epic staycation.


There was beauty in not looking at social media for 5 days. OK, so I may have scrolled through Instagram a few times. For the most part, I avoided that crap like the plague. I do social media for a living, so not looking a Facebook notification for almost a week was bliss.

I also kept my phone on silent for most of the week.

Take some time to disconnect. There was time before Facebook. Nobody died. It feels good not to get caught up in social media for a few days. Try it!

Take at least one lazy day.

You know, the messy bun, PJs, and hot chocolate kind of lazy day. The binge watch your favorite series for 12 hours kind of day. The take naps with your dog all day kind of day.

Take a day to just do nothing. How often do you actually get to laze around anymore? Treat yourself.

Do nice things for yourself.

Do something you’ve been wanting to do, but have been neglecting, like a hobby or something new you want to try. Visit friends. Buy that lipgloss you’ve been eyeing up. Get a massage.

Staycation doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up inside all week. Do something nice for yourself during your staycation to make yourself feel relaxed, pretty, happy, empowered, etc. All the good feels.


Did I mention naps? Naps are sooooo good. Naps in bed. Naps on the couch. Naps with dogs/cats/kids/husband. Twenty-minute naps and four-hour naps. Naps are brilliant. Take lots of them on your staycation.

Did you take a staycation recently or are you planning one? What’s your favorite way to unwind? Tell me in the comments! ♥


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  1. Birdy

    March 1, 2017 at 12:51 am

    I love this post! How do you enjoy the show “House?” A lot of my friends also recommenced me watch it on Netflix.

    1. Amber

      March 6, 2017 at 2:05 am

      Oh, I love House! It’s a really intriguing show with just the right amount of humor to keep it from getting too serious. <3

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