How to Create a Great Care Package

I love care packages, especially creating care packages for my friends. I’ve sent them as close by as the other side of the state and as far away as Finland. Everyone around the world needs some cheer in their mailbox!

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to put in a care package, and there are a few ways I go about piecing these parcels together. Here are two types that I often mail to my friends with the kinds of things I include in each. Use one of these to create a customized care package that is both fun and meaningful for the receiver.

General Care Packages

These are regular care packages without any specific theme. They might be for a special event, rite of passage, or just a “thinking of you” box. You can include anything in these, really! I always try to think about the person I’m sending it to and what they like or might need. I also love to send things that remind them of something we did together or a silly inside joke we still laugh about.

Of course, every care package can be adjusted for the person’s age, gender, etc.

Some things you could include:

  • Handmade soap or bath products.
  • Stationery or a pretty planner.
  • A stuffed animal.
  • A book.
  • Something unique & handmade from Etsy.
  • A coffee mug.
  • A knickknack.
  • A favorite recipe.
  • Candy or local non-perishable food. (People send Middleswarth chips from Pennsylvania to loved ones all over the country!)
  • Photos.
  • Something cozy – like a throw blanket or slippers.
  • Tea.
  • Something you made, baked, crocheted, etc.
  • A hardy plant like a cactus or succulent.

create a great care package

And I always, always include a little letter, card, note, or postcard with my package – it just adds that personal touch.

Themed Care Packages

Themed care packages can include any or all of the things in a regular care package, but around some theme. For example, if your friend loves foxes, you could send them fox stationery, a fox coffee mug, a fox stuffed animal, and a pair of Etsy fox earrings.

You can do this with lots of things: animals, colors, holidays, seasons…you could even do a package inspired by a song that the two of you love or that reminds you of that person.

A theme helps you create a great care package that’s truly fun and a bit of a challenge to put together! The receiver will know that you truly took the time to put together something delightful.

Care packages don’t have to be large. A care package could simply be a few small items in a bubble envelope. I really love the smallest size USPS flat rate priority boxes because you can stuff them full and it’s the same price no matter the weight. At the time of writing, the small ones ship for $7.15 within the USA.

No matter how you choose to put a care package together, always remember to keep the receiver in mind, include items that are meaningful, and a handwritten note or card to let them know you were thinking of them and wanted them to have this little gift.

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