Finding Your Blogger Voice

I’m not new to the blogger thing, by any means. I had three failed blogs (one on crafts, one on mental health, and one on homesteading) before I started Amber Uninhibited. I’ve been writing that blog for almost a year. That makes Autumn on Fox Street my 5th blog PLUS I’ve blogged for both of my businesses and for clients’ blogs.

I find with each new blog, with each new topic, my voice changes slightly. That’s what I hate about new blogs. I hate that awkward early phase when I’m still finding my new voice. I’m still in that phase with Autumn on Fox Street.

This blog should be the easiest to write since my voice is 100% me. No “brand” to worry about. No┬áimage that I’m trying to portray. But do I show what a spaz I can be? How do I translate my excitable personality into text? Should I really write like I talk? What’s too girly and materialistic and what’s too much of an “eff you and your beauty standards” attitude?

Finding your blogger voice is hard.

I have learned that there are only two things you can do about it: keep writing and give it time.

Writing – and writing A LOT – is going to help your voice develop faster. Practice makes perfect and all that. It doesn’t all have to be on your blog. Write in a journal. It helps. The more you write, the more of a handle you’ll have on your own style, and that will come across on your blog.

After that, all you can do is give it time. I takes awhile to figure out who you are and how comfortable you are revealing yourself in front of an online audience. I’ll let you in on another secret – it’s OK to not totally represent yourself the way you are in real life.

I completely believe in being yourself and being authentic. Lying to your readers is never OK. It’s totally OK, however, to not put all of your personal life and gory details out there on the internet if you don’t want to. Don’t want to talk about your kids? OK. Let this be your space, your thing. I don’t want to talk about work on this blog, and I haven’t reached a point in finding my voice and my audience that I’m OK talking about really personal things. It’s OK!!!

This is your blog, your little corner of the web to express yourself, and it can be whatever your want or need it to be. Your voice and style will develop with time. In the meantime, just KEEP WRITING.

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