I started Autumn on Fox Street in 2016, not long after I started my business-related blog, Amber Uninhibited. I wrote a few posts (including one about why I said I’d never write a lifestyle blog), posted some haul and scrapbook-related videos, took some bad OOTD photos, and shared lists of lip products I was obsessed with.

To be honest, it was pretty boring.

It wasn’t boring because I wasn’t putting effort into it or because I was doing anything that was so far outside the realm of what other lifestyle bloggers were doing. I just hadn’t found myself as a lifestyle blogger. What was Autumn on Fox Street actually about? Style? Beauty? Crafts? Planning? My dogs? I didn’t know. Besides being boring, it was confusing…and not just for people reading it. I had no clue what I was trying to do.

And then life got really…lifey. It changed a lot.

I started a new business. I got pregnant. We took in more animals. My husband got a new job.

I don’t want to say I had an identity crisis because all of it was really positive change in our lives, but it was kind of a whirlwind in 2017. It took most of the year for me to figure out who I’m becoming – as a mom, as an entrepreneur, a wife, etc. – let alone to know how to write about it.

I had to ask myself questions like, “Is it stupid for me to have a lifestyle blog? Is this really important?” I had to weigh the pros and cons of spending $150 at Ulta when we need a second car to accommodate a baby. I had to face up to my own weird relationship with girly stuff like makeup and clothes…and my simultaneous feelings that those things are both fun and ridiculously superficial in the grand scheme of my life.

And I had to figure out how I could be my awkward, nerdy, goofy self and still accept myself as someone who wants to write about eye shadow palettes and my obsession with collecting makeup brushes and cosmetics bags.

So I deleted every post I wrote in 2016/2017. Gone. Trashed. I didn’t like any of them, so I started over with a clear head and more direction about what Autumn on Fox Street is.

I don’t have a sentence or two to sum it all up for you – how I came from feeling like a lifestyle blog was difficult and messy to how it just started making sense. And I still don’t totally know who I am as a “lifestyle blogger.” But you know what?

I like writing about beauty and style. I also like writing about RPGs, Harry Potter, and how my husband and I fight over whether or not our son will like the 10th Doctor or the 11th better. Most of all, I like that we live in a time when I can have my own little corner of the internet to write about things I love, no matter what they are.

Here’s to this blog 2.0.