Birthdays, and Why I Don’t Take Days Off

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Hello hello!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. OMG it was brilliant! I have not been that relaxed in so long.

I got up in the morning and worked on my NaNoWriMo novel over coffee. I did a little birthday shopping for my new camera, some much-needed fall clothes, and some stationery. It was like Christmas…when I was a kid and people still bought me tons of presents for Christmas. Have I mentioned how awesome tax returns are when you file an extension and get them right before your birthday instead of early in the year? <3<3<3

Right before lunch, I had a full body massage.

Then I had smoothies with my mom and we did some more shopping and I went CRAZY on a leggings sale and bought like 4 pairs on top of the 2 I’d gotten on BOGO on the Charlotte Russe site. I think I have a legging buying problem.

After my husband got of work, we had to buy a washer and dryer: A) because our old, secondhand washer stopped spinning this week and B) because we are adults and adults buy appliances with tax returns.

Knowing that we did something other than splurge on clothes and books, and that we’re also tucking some away in savings, makes me feel way more confident in our ability to be parents in the near future. Oy. Sometimes I feel like I’m still 20, and I’m like WTF did I just spend $60 on coloring books and pens for?!?!

My husband only had to stop me from checking my email once. Other than that, I avoided work completely for a day.


Sounds perfect, right? Oh, it was amazing.

And today I’m back to work. Giant. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love work, but I HATE coming back to work after I take a day off. I wish I could figure out how to insert the exasperated emoji that I sent to my husband this morning into a blog post so you could envision just how stressful it is.

I wanted to cry this morning.

My VA clients are amazing and I love working for them. However, after I’ve been gone for a day, every one of them has a project for me to do right now. I do the fun, fun prioritizing dance and shuffle my to do list around in my bullet journal and laugh at the schedule I wrote for the day in my planner.

This is why I don’t go on vacation, or I take brief staycations in which I sneak work in between naps because I go crazy trying to catch up if I’m off too long.

Giving myself a maternity break next year is going to be crazy.

You know what though? I can still appreciate that I had an amazing birthday, and I have to remember that as I cut my way through this thicket of work today.

It’s one more year I’m here, enjoying all the good things.

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Does anyone else get ├╝ber stressed when they come back to work from a break? Tips? Tricks? I’d love to know!

>>> P.S. Birthday fashion and stationery hauls coming soon! <<<

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