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2018 Goals

I know that January 1st is just another day with the same 24 hours as December 31st. It doesn’t matter – there is something about a New Year that gives me a burst of energy and renewal and puts me in goal setting mode. I love to set big goals and make plans to achieve them. Passion Planner, which is a planner that was designed to help you set goals and break them into realistic and achievable action steps, has helped me do this for the last three years. If you haven’t checked it out, do it now! I’m...

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No Makeup Tutorial

There are a number of reasons I choose not to wear makeup on a particular day. The spectrum of my daily relationship with makeup ranges from absolutely nothing but moisturizer on my face to full-blown glam, but a few reasons I choose not to wear makeup sometimes: To give my skin a break. Because my husband really dislikes makeup, especially “over-the-top” (full face) makeup. Because I’m feeling lazy/rushed/extremely pregnant and cranky. When I’m filming videos or meeting clients for my job, I tend not to show up in full coverage foundation and a smokey eye. It’s great for being...

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How to Get Mail That Isn’t Bills

I have a life-long obsession with mail. You know, like the kind that comes stamped from the postal service. The thought of the post office one day becoming an antiquity makes me die a little inside. It started with my grandmother sending me African stamps cut from the corners of letters sent to her church. Then I got into penpalling to practice my German skills in high school. Then my postcard collection. Then the ability to shop online and get packages delivered right to my door. The discovery of subscription boxes and my subsequent addiction to getting surprises in...

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December 2017 Ipsy Review

Ipsy is absolutely my favorite subscription every month – for $10 I get full-size and BIG trial size products from brands that I’ve actually heard of (I’m looking at you and your weird pricey brands, Birchbox). My favorite thing about Ipsy though is that it’s actually worth my time to fill out the beauty profile and reviews every month – because they really do tailor the bags to my preferences! That said, this month was…off. The products weren’t bad and I love the bag itself, but it was just a strange assortment of things I wouldn’t have picked to...

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5 Subscription Boxes I’m Planning to Try in 2018

A friend of mine once joked, “You need a bank account just for subscription boxes!” OK, well, she was half-joking. I love subscription boxes and trying out new subscriptions throughout the year. Some of them I hold onto (Ipsy, I’m looking at you) and some of them I try for a month or two and cancel, but I love the thrill of getting surprises in the mail each month. Below are 10 subscription boxes I want to try in 2018, as well as which ones I ditched and kept from 2017. I also included a few non-box subscriptions I...

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