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December 2017 Ipsy Review

Ipsy is absolutely my favorite subscription every month – for $10 I get full-size and BIG trial size products from brands that I’ve actually heard of (I’m looking at you and your weird pricey brands, Birchbox). My favorite thing about Ipsy though is that it’s actually worth my time to fill out the beauty profile and reviews every month – because they really do tailor the bags to my preferences! That said, this month was…off. The products weren’t bad and I love the bag itself, but it was just a strange assortment of things I wouldn’t have picked to...

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5 Subscription Boxes I’m Planning to Try in 2018

A friend of mine once joked, “You need a bank account just for subscription boxes!” OK, well, she was half-joking. I love subscription boxes and trying out new subscriptions throughout the year. Some of them I hold onto (Ipsy, I’m looking at you) and some of them I try for a month or two and cancel, but I love the thrill of getting surprises in the mail each month. Below are 10 subscription boxes I want to try in 2018, as well as which ones I ditched and kept from 2017. I also included a few non-box subscriptions I...

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Ultimate Holiday Makeup Haul

Confession time. There’s this thing that happens to me every year from November to December…I shop. A lot. Not that I don’t love to shop year round, but I’m pretty frugal most of the year and stick to our monthly budgeted “fun money.” Something about the holiday sales coupled with the stress of the season drives my urge to spend this time of year, and while I told myself I was going to chill out in 2017 and spend less, Black Friday got me. I managed to get my Christmas list knocked out during the pre-Black Friday sales, and...

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10 Reasons I Suck at Beauty Blogging (and Why It’s OK)

Sometimes, I kind of suck at being a girl. I’m not exaggerating or putting myself down…my family has made fun of my lack of style and beauty know-how for years. My mom might have a heart attack if she found out I was writing a beauty blog. It’s true – in the traditional sense, I’ve never been that good at being “girly,” which is mostly due to the fact that a lot of what is considered beautiful by society is weird, high-maintenance, and on many levels, damaging to women. No, thank you. This post is 10 Reasons Why I...

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10 Ulta Items at the Top of My 2017 Christmas Wishlist

Ulta is one of the most dangerous stores I can set foot in or visit online this time of year. There are so many good sales, new products, and gift sets. Luckily, a lot of people know I love Ulta, so I often get makeup items or gift cards as stocking stuffers. Here are 10 items from Ulta that are at the top of my 2017 Christmas Wishlist. There’s a nice mix of high-end and drugstore brands, so if you’re looking for a little inspiration for the makeup addict on your shopping list, check these out! (Disclaimer: Some of...

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