9 Things on My Bookish Wishlist

Do you ever see those pretty #bookstagram and #shelfie posts on IG? You know the ones I mean. They have gorgeous novel-themed candles and special editions of Alice in Wonderland and every Harry Potter Funko Pop that’s ever been made.

I am seriously lacking in bookish whimsy.

While I may not be able to master the art of beautiful book photos (trust me, I’ve tried), I can grow my collection of book trinkets and surround myself in things that will inspire my literary lust.

Here are 9 things on my bookish wishlist:

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The Illustrated Version of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

I drool over this book every time I see it at Barnes & Noble or in my recommended feed on Amazon. And now the second book is out! WHY DO I NOT OWN THIS YET?!?!

This is the book that changed my life – at least as a reader. I remember racing my fourth grade teacher, who was reading it aloud in class, to get a few chapters ahead of her.

Out of all of the things on this list, this book is my absolute must-have.



Alice in Wonderland Postcards

As an avid postcard collector, Alice lover, and Postcrosser, this is a perfect set, both for my own collection and to send around the world to other lovely Lewis Carroll fans. Did you know that the Spanish title for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland loosely translates to Alice in the Country of Marvels? I might actually love that more than the English title. <3



Belle’s Book Cafe Mug

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast was probably also fundamental in shaping my love of books. I remember gazing in awe at the Beast’s library and thinking that giving a library to someone was the most romantic thing in existence. Books = love.

This mug would be perfect for curling up this winter with coffee or some peppermint tea.


Elephant Bookends

I finally read The Jungle Book last winter. It made everything about my childhood 1000x more amazing. This book makes my inner child feel cozy and warm and I know I’ll reread all its stories again, for myself and for my own children.

These bookends remind me of  the story Toomai of the Elephants and the late night elephant dancing.



Brother’s Grimm Adult Coloring Book

As a wedding gift, my maid of honor gave me Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales, which is the book her mother’s maid of honor gave her mother for her wedding to read to her future children. Lots of tears – my best friend is really good at the sappy, emotional stuff.

I truly love fairy tales. My favorites are Red Riding Hood and Rumpelstiltskin. I could color these pictures for hours, and since coloring has become a recent obsession of mine, this book is perfect!

And while we’re on the topic of coloring books, how about this super inexpensive Fox Coloring Book?



Plum Kindle Fire Cover

Guilty. I’m one of those people who finds it acceptable to read real books and e-books, while most of the people in my life live at one extreme or the other. My Kindle is currently naked and would probably benefit from the protection of a case. Something about this plum case pops for me.



Brienne of Tarth Game of Thrones Funko Pop

OK, so I only chose Brienne because originally I couldn’t find a Jorah Mormont Funko (he’s my absolute fave), but then – there he was! I have the biggest Jorah crush ever, and would be happy to have him sitting on my bookshelf looking all lovesick and rugged.

Brienne can come too. People keep telling me I should cosplay her since my short hair is growing out and becoming more Brienne-ish all the time.



Novel Teas

My other bestie – the queen of excellent host gifts – is a literature extraordinaire and fabulous library science major. She brought me some Novel Teas along with a coffee mug from the library where she was working. I’m a sucker for puns. That alone is enough to make me drink this. It’s actually good tea though, and I would buy it for my tea cupboard.



Shakespearean Insult Magnetic Poetry

Shakespearean Insults Magnetic Poetry?I’m in. To be honest, I’m not a big Shakespeare fan, but I think Elizabethan insults are hilarious. My husband loves Shakespeare AND magnets, and would probably get a kick out of having these all over our refrigerator.


There is just too much fun book stuff in the world. I could spend all my $$ on cute literary paraphernalia.


What’s on your bookish wishlist?




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