10 Comics I Want to Read This Year

I used to be more into comic books when I was younger, but never superhero comics. I spent middle school devouring manga and then got into Fables, Angel: After the Fall, and the Buffy comics. To be honest, the older I got, and the longer I went without reading comics, the harder it was for me to read the format of comic books.

To be honest, the older I got, and the longer I went without reading comics, the harder it was for me to read the format of comic books. I just stopped reading them. This year, I’ve decided that I want to get back into comics, including the superhero comics that my husband loves. So here are 10 comics I want to read in 2017.

So here are 10 comics I want to read in 2017.

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#1. Neverwhere

I love Neverwhere, and it holds a special place in my heart for being the first Neil Gaiman book that I ever read. This story has been adapted every which way: a book, a radio play, a TV miniseries, and a comic book. Did I miss any? This graphic novel has been collecting dust on my shelf for too long. Time to delve back into the world of strange doors and floating markets.

#2. Sandman

Another Neil Gaiman tale. I read the first Sandman graphic novel and LOVED it. I’d like to reread that and hit a couple of the ones that came after it to see if I really love the story. I AT LEAST need to read until Delirium shows up…she’s based on Tori Amos, who is 100% my fave singer.

(Side story: Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer are my favorite singers. Tori and Neil are besties. Neil and Amanda got married. The fact that these creative people are interconnected blows my mind. I imagine them sitting around having the most amazing tea parties.)

#3. The rest of my husband’s Hulk comics.

I read Hulk: Gray a few months ago and LOVED it. I used to think The Hulk was the dumbest of all hero characters, until I realized what a strange beauty & the beast type tale he’s living in, and how much depth there is to his character. I may have a serious Bruce Banner crush.

I’m planning to read the other four Hulk comics my husband owns before I start hunting down others.

#4. The Killing Joke

I have to admit, I don’t really like Batman that much. It’s just so-so for me. Maybe I need to read the comics to ‘get’ it. But my husband and his friends make such an epic thing out of The Killing Joke that I HAVE to read it and find out what all the excitement is about.

#5. Grimms Fairy Tales

Another dust collector on my shelf. I bought this one a few years back because I LOVE fairy tales, and especially the original, darker, or adult versions of fairy tales. I also have coloring book the that goes along with this series! Apparently, there’s a Grimm Fairy Tales coloring book box set as well. I’m so in!

#6. Comic Book Tattoo

I wanted this book when it came out, sometime around the time I graduated high school if I remember correctly. As I mentioned, I ADORE Tori Amos, and this is a compilation of comics based on her songs. It is a travesty that I have never read this book.

#7. Angel: After the Fall Vol. 3-4

I never actually finished this series, which was basically the sixth season of Angel. It chronicled what happened to everyone after the final battle against Wolfram & Hart. Great series, but difficult to find all the books where I live, so I’ll probably have to order online.

#8. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

I was pleasantly surprised that I loved the Deadpool movie, so I’m definitely up for reading the comics. This one sounded particularly interesting.

#9. Wolverine: Origin

I loved the X-men movies, so I’ve been meaning to pick up an X-men comic FOREVER. OK, but seriously…the X-men corner of the Marvel universe is INTIMIDATING. There are so many characters, universes, multiverses, alternate realities, etc. How does one break into that? I’m asking…if you have advice, I’d love to hear it! Anyway, Wolverine is great – this is as good a starting point as any.

Have you read any of these? I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments!

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